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Raisi: Israel’s Invincibility Myth Shattered by Iran’s True Promise Operation


Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi said Iran’s Operation True Promise shattered the Israeli regime’s invincibility myth and proved that the regime’s power is like a spider’s web.

In a morning address on Wednesday on the occasion of Iran’s Army Day, Raisi highlighted the Army's role in defending the homeland, territorial integrity, and the values of the Islamic Revolution. He also emphasized the Army's unique characteristics, rooted in faith and belief in Almighty God's power.

"Our Army's proficiency and up-to-date military information set it apart on the global stage," Raisi affirmed, saying, "Thanks to the efforts of our youth in the armed forces, Iran has achieved technical, industrial, military, and indigenous independence."

Raisi underscored Iran's military capabilities, including the production of fighter jets, vessels, tanks, and intelligent systems, that have positioned the nation as a formidable force regionally and globally.

"Our equipped and updated Army, alongside the IRGC (Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) and (other) armed forces, constitute the pillars of our nation's authority," he asserted, adding the regional forces can rely on Iranian armed forces.

Addressing the unity of Iran's armed forces and the people, Raisi emphasized their unwavering commitment to defending the homeland, the Islamic Revolution, and countering terrorism.

Referring to the IRGC military operation in retaliation for the Israeli regime's killing of seven Iranian military commanders and advisers in Syria in an airstrike, the president said, "The True Promise operation was a calculated response, signaling Iran's readiness to defend itself against any aggression."

Raisi asserted that Operation True Promise was a limited and not comprehensive action, warning of severe consequences in the event of further Israeli aggression.

Reflecting on the strategic implications of the operation, he said the defeat of the Zionist regime was not only a military one but also a strategic setback, impacting countries seeking to normalize relations with Israel.

Raisi celebrated the growing global support for Palestine, emphasizing the victory of the discourse of the Islamic Revolution, saying that the flag of supporting Palestine and resistance has now become the flag of all nations and religions.

"Our armed forces are security-makers and peace-makers in the region," Raisi stated, urging the region's countries to rely on their own assets and Muslim forces rather than foreign interference and partnerships with Israel.

In conclusion, Raisi 

reaffirmed the government's commitment to supporting the armed forces, ensuring minimal logistical and support challenges, and highlighting the effective cooperation between the government, armed forces, and leadership in addressing the people's needs.